Hello weary travellers!

Somehow you’ve found yourself washed upon the shores my blog. Well aren’t you lucky!? You have found a true hidden jewel of the Internet.

I am a young man from Leicestershire, England who has a passion for films. My tastes are very varied and my opinions entirely my own so I hope you like them. If you’re hungry for more info then please check out the profile below. It will lead you to more lists and reviews I have written for a terrific website called moviepilot.com! I get paid on the views so click on every post at least twice and I’ll love you forever 


Love and hugs,



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Not sure if you have seen the Harry Potter films, if you have can you do a Worst to Best Harry Potter movies list. If you haven’t seen them. You should definitely check the films out, because personally its my favourite film franchise. Probably cause i grew up with the the films.


    • I’ve never had an interest in the Harry Potter films. I saw the first three when I was a child, but they never interested me. Perhaps I should give them another chance then seeing as you’re into them!


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