Top 10 Scenes In Interstellar


Christopher Nolan’s latest space epic is probably the best film he’s ever done in my opinion. It gets quite a bit criticism thanks to the daring final act which requires some suspension of disbelief, which is rather similar to The Prestige. If you’re willing to go along with it though, you’re in for a thrilling finale which will have you reaching for the tissues. For me, Interstellar is one of those rare flawless films. I was monstrously excited to see it and even booked a seat at the UK’s biggest IMAX screen in London to see it and even though my expectations were astronomical, it still surpassed them. At 170 minutes long it gives itself plenty of time to pack in a load of memorable scenes. The following list is an Interstellar-styled countdown of my favourite scenes from this marvellous film. There are loads and loads of hideous spoilers here, so if you’re one of those weird people who read lists on films they haven’t even seen yet, you have been warned.

10) In the wormhole


If you were lucky enough to see Interstellar in IMAX then I won’t need to remind you how earth-shattering this scene felt! The whole building rocked and you felt as if you were going through some psychedelic super portal. Don’t worry if you didn’t see it in IMAX though. This scene (and the whole film, in fact) is just as stunning on your big TV and surround speakers at home. Just make sure that the neighbours are out!

9) Drone chase


This delightful little scene feels like something from a Steven Spielberg film, only with less CGI. In fact, this showcases just how much more involving scenes like this are when they’re filmed for real. If you’re going to film a car chasing a drone through a cornfield then do it for real for gawds sake! Hans Zimmer’s electrifying score does a lot for the scene too. It’s an early moment which hints at the insane adventures our hero is about to go on and also beautifully outlines the heart-warming bond between Cooper and Murph which is the heart of the entire film.

8) “Do not go gentle into that good night”


The first use of the do not go gentle poem is probably the most powerful. I think it is a perhaps a little too over-used and having Michael Caine repeat it on his death bed is overboard. Nevertheless, it is a great poem and an interesting one to use. I just think every element in this scene is perfect. I love the image of the Endurance out in space as Michael Caine reads the poem out. There’s also the hair-raising use again of Hans Zimmer’s score (you’re going to be hearing me say that a lot on this list!) as it creeps up louder and louder in a foreboding manner. I remember seeing this for the first time and feeling so excited about where this journey was going to take us.

7) Mann down


A lot of people don’t like the Mann character because they hate Matt Damon. Personally, I’m not fussed about Matt Damon and don’t really see the big fuss surrounding his appearance in Interstellar. Anywho, the revelation that Dr. Mann is in fact evil surprised me. The entire fight scene had me on the edge of my seat as we’re all rooting for Matthew to win. When his helmet cracks though we’re left wondering if he will win. It’s a thrilling sequence which only becomes more thrilling when we see an explosion and everyone scurrying to their respective spaceship in order to reach the Endurance first. After this sequence comes arguably the most exhilarating spectacle in the entire film.

6) Tidal wave


Visually, this is probably the most impressive part in Interstellar. It’s an exhilarating sequence from the moment we touch down on the water planet as we’re acutely aware that every single second counts. Anne Hathaway and the other bloke plod off to collect some data whilst Matthew gets agitated at the amount of time they’re taking. Suddenly, those mountains in the background get closer and closer to reveal themselves as waves! It’s an eye-popping moment and things get all the more thrilling as lovable TARS rushes off to save Anne just in the nick of time as the spacecraft rides the wave. It’s a set-piece, but who cares when it’s this good?

5) Behind the bookshelf


So far we’ve had a lot of action scenes, but for me it’s the more emotional scenes which make Interstellar as powerful as it is. This scene concerns Cooper who’s fallen down the rabbit hole and into the mysterious tesseract. When I first saw the movie I was incredibly confused as to what was going on, however the whole concept thrilled me. I can see why it doesn’t quite work for some people, but for me it’s perfect. Cooper has been filled with regret for the whole film at the thought of not seeing his family again and here he is behind Murph’s bookshelf and screaming her name. It’s such a powerful and painfully sad scene. The sequence in the Tesseract goes on for quite a while, but the whole time it’s just exhilarating. Hans Zimmer’s score definitely carries a lot of the power here too.

4) Leaving Murph


This is the scene which pulls at my heartstrings the most (tied with my number one spot) and I don’t even have a daughter! It’s just so emotional and a lot of it is down to the superb performances by Matthew and Mackenzie. When you think of Interstellar, you might think of its epic scale and adrenaline-charged set-pieces, but it’s the powerful human element which is the heart of the film. Goodbyes are never easy, but Murph’s reaction makes it even harder. When Cooper says, “Don’t let me leave like this, Murph!” my heart breaks a little and tears start to form in my eyes. I’d like to point out that I hardly ever get teary in films, in fact I can count the ones I do on my fingers (Dancer in the Dark, Amour, Brotherhood, Life is Beautiful, Requiem for a Dream and now this one) and they all feature one scene where I get emotional. Interstellar has several scenes where I tear up. It’s also terribly sad to see Cooper drive away in tears and even peeking under the blanket to see if Murph’s hiding there again. Once again, in this scene Hans Zimmer’s score is shattering.

3) Docking


I have to be honest. When I first saw Interstellar, this docking scene didn’t stand out for me. It wasn’t until I went around reading everyone’s opinions on the film around the interweb that I found out that this docking scene was so cherished. I think the reason why I didn’t take it in the first time around was that I wasn’t entirely sure what Cooper was trying to do. Everything happens so fast with Mann blowing himself to smithereens (I LOVE the use of silence here) and the Endurance being in jeopardy. So when I saw the film for a second time on blu-ray, I paid particular attention to this scene and can now see why it’s so talked about. Even Interstellar’s biggest critics admit to this scene being masterful. It’s just so spectacular with the Endurance spinning out of control and Cooper hopelessly trying to dock. You know he’s going to succeed, yet it still remains incredibly tense. This is probably my favourite use of Hans Zimmer’s score too. The organ is just so loud and commanding here!

2) Reunion


It might be a little controversial to have this scene so far up on my list, but it’s my list OKAY!? Many people find this part unsatisfying because it all seems too contrived and sentimental to end in this way. However, I’ll never forget seeing this scene for the first time and just being so overwhelmed. I was not expecting Interstellar to touch me in places like this (that sounds wrong) and this part really pulled at my tear ducts. I’m getting a little teary now just writing this! I don’t find it contrived at all, in fact I think it’s essential that the film ended this way. If you’re still not satisfied then you can always go with the plausible theory that everything from the tesseract onwards is Coop’s dying delusions. After all Matt Damon did say that our children are the last people we see before we die, didn’t he? Either way it’s just such a powerful scene and also quite tragic that Cooper basically missed the majority of his daughter’s life. The fact that Ellen Burstyn is playing Murph is just the cherry on top of an already spectacular cake. She’s a bloody legend.

1 ) Messages from home


This scene succeeds in so many ways. Not only is the concept mind-melting, but the emotional impact is so so high. Out of all the emotional scenes in Interstellar, this is the scene that probably hits me the hardest. Cooper goes away for an hour and goes back to find that he’s missed decades of his children’s lives. It’s just extraordinary to see years of messages with his son marrying and having a child. Hans Zimmer’s score is once again blaring away over it all in the most delicious manner and crucially goes silent when Murph finally appears to deliver that heart-breaking monologue about her father promising to go back to her. When it cuts back to Cooper absolutely sobbing his heart out, that’s when I almost lose it. It’s just a perfectly crafted little scene which I can’t fault. The performances are also incredible here from Matthew, Casey and Jessica. Faultless.

So there you have it! It’s strange that in a film filled to the brim with spectacular set-pieces and very special effects, most of my favourite scenes are in fact purely stripped back and character-based. Yes, the tidal wave is jaw-dropping and the black hole is probably the best CGI effect in movie history, however they don’t have the power to move you like Matthew Mcconaughey watching a video on a tatty TV screen. My sister refuses to watch Interstellar because she doesn’t like space stuff or actiony stuff, which I think is tragic. If only she could watch and see that Interstellar isn’t much of an action science fiction film at all! Space is a mere backdrop. Interstellar is really an epic family drama about a father longing to be with his daughter who’s light years away from his reach. It really is a masterpiece. Please let me know your favourite scenes in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Scenes In Interstellar

  1. Thank you so much for this list!!! I love reading lists made by fans Interstellar.
    Heres my list..

    1. Docking Scene – its the fan favourite but come on, this scene was truly spectacular. If you don’t think this scene was at least a tiny bit suspenseful…just go away. I love this cause the fate of mankind is kind riding on Cooper and Brands back(CASE and TARS as well). If they fail then the human race is just done, so that adds to the intensity. Oh and the music is truly what pushed it over the edge of being the best scene in the movie.

    2. The Entire Tessarct – Wow, as for scenes in Interstellar that makes me cry every single is this entire tessarct. When Cooper is screaming at Murph, my eyes were glistening, i just could not miss a second of this scene. Its one of the most emotional resonant scenes I have ever seen. And also I love when Cooper firsts lands in the tessarct and he is like “Wtf is the place”. I adore how he is frightened of the tessact too. And the music also makes this part of the scene kind of haunting, like he is never making it out of there.

    3. Cornfield Chase – As you said this is something that you would see in a Speillberg film. Anyways this scene definitely is one of the most inspirational scenes in the entire film, with music, the cinematography, and the comradery between Cooper and his kids to get the drone, this scene sets a tone for the film. Also love when they do catch the drone and cooper lets murph control the drone, that part is really awe aspiring.

    4. Cooper Leaves – One of the most realistic moments i have EVER seen in a film. This one of the most powerful scenes in movie ever. Cooper saying his final words to Murph, for a few years, but for Murph its about 100 years!!! The music also swells up gets me more and more emotional, and when Murph runs out of the house and yells ‘DAD!!’ that scene pretty much killed me.

    5. Ending – I love the reunion between Coop and Murph. It was a scene that I didn’t really expect, but when it happened I knew the scene would be great. The dialogue between them is fantastic, Ellen Burstyn and Matthew McConaughey’s performances are just terrific . And the voice over of murph is amazing as it shows Brand on Edmunds planet showing how alone she is, and of course Cooper getting ready to go back into space….

    6. The Waves – One of the more intense in the film. The sheer scope of this is really what got me. Everything in the scene worked, it showed everyone doing there best to get away from the humongous wave. Also the fact that a hell of alot of time is passing on earth adds to the intensity of the situation.

    7. Messages from Home – This is pretty much what happens when you spend 3 hours on a wave planet. 23 YEARS PASSES BY ON EARTH!!. When i saw this scene for the first i couldn’t believe how much Cooper missed. He missed alot of the things that a parent would want to be there to experience for him/her self. The scene was emotionally gripping for sure. It was sad to see that the promise he made murph about coming back and being the same age was broken. And Matthew McConaughey’s performance is honestly brilliant!!! like it shocks me how he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar…well what does the oscars no really?

    8. Coward – I think this scene made me like Dr. Mann alot more. Yes, he was being a dick by leaving Cooper to die. But his motivation is really good. I understood everything he was doing, everything he said to cooper and everyone was a lie. He was being a coward, but I saw where he was coming from. And also this scene is extremely intense as well I was on the edge of my seat the entire scene, the cinematography was so riveting. And the earth scene where Murph is going to burn the crops is fantastic as well.

    9. The Wormhole – This was the first scene in the movie that blew my mind. The visual effects really add to that, its one of the most visually stunning images i have seen in a film. The IMAX was also insanely crazy.

    10. A Lie – I was pretty surprised to find out that Brand lied to Cooper. And the fact that Brand had to carry that lie with him for a chuck of life really adds to how shocked i was. And i also love that he revealed his lie right before he died, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to live with everyone knowing what he did. And by the way Brand’s death scene is an incredibly well acted scene by Sir Michael Caine.

    So thats it! I really hope you make more lists like this. Anything involving Interstellar is fine by me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s nice to see that you’ve included similar stuff to my list. I also love Michael Caine’s death scene. I think I should’ve included it on mine.


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