Industrial Symphony No.1: The Dreams of the Broken Hearted


Director: David Lynch

Stars: Julee Cruise, Michael J Anderson, Laura Dern, Nicolas Cage

David Lynch does broadway!

Ever wondered what it would be like if David Lynch put on a musical stage show with Julee Cruise? Wonder no more! Industrial Symphony is a supremely strange stage show put together by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti for the annual Brooklyn Academy of Music. They only had two weeks to prepare for the show, and so the result is rather remarkable.


It opens with Sailor and Lula from Wild at Heart (presumably it’s supposed to be them?) on the phone, with Sailor leaving Lula. The rest of the film is an extended fever dream set on stage. It reminded me of a concert, only this is a concert by David Lynch so there’s awful blonde wigs, half naked women gyrating on cars and dwarfs sawing logs. I found it fabulous.

Julee’s vocals are incredibly haunting and hypnotic. Match this with the visuals David presents us and it feels incredibly nightmarish. There’s a moment where Julee stops and screams mid-song and falls from the rope suspending her from the ceiling. It’s so jarring and it actually scared me a little bit. It doesn’t help that she turns into some 30ft skinned papier-mâché deer either.


The whole thing wouldn’t have felt out of place if it appeared as a scene in Inland Empire, so that gives you an idea of its mesmerising weirdness. For most people it will be unwatchable, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen. Like with most David Lynch films, the experience is difficult to put into words, it’s something you simply must see for yourself. Twin Peaks fans might also be interested as a few of the songs Julee sings in the Road House are also performed here. All that’s missing is Falling and Mysteries of Love. It’s a shame that there’s no good quality version available. For Lynch fans, it’s unmissable. For everyone else, it isn’t.



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