2LDK (2003)


Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Stars: Eiko Koike & Maho Nonami

Loved Da Karnage!

2LDK is one of two films from the duel battle. I didn’t even know about all this duel stuff until I actually looked on Amazon for 2LDK and found that it came with another Japanese film called Aragami that I’d never heard of. Nevertheless I bought it because it was cheaper as two pack even though I wasn’t that interested in Aragami. Well I watched them both and I have to say that 2LDK wins the duel hands down! The idea is very appealing, two directors making a film in one week, using two main actors and only one set. Yet despite its constraints it still remains devilishly more entertaining than most Hollywood hokum that exists out there. It’s a rare gem that more people most definitely need to see.


2LDK only lasts 1hr 10mins which is roughly the same length as REC and Inside. However, like those horror masterpieces it relies especially on quality rather than quantity. I was pretty much hooked from the moment it started and we’re introduced to these two pretentious actresses who secretly hate each other. 2LDK is very funny in its opening moments with the actresses acting to each other, acting like they like each other, when inside they can’t stand each other’s guts. It’s (without trying to sound too sexist) is what we imagine all women to be like, a little bit bitchy, but these two are as bitchy as it gets!

The film does well making us care about these characters even though they aren’t particularly likable. It’s difficult to pick a side when they’re both knocking each other senseless, but I also think that that’s kind of the point here. 2LDK sizzles itself with terrific tension in the first half hour, where the girls begin to speak their minds, showing off their weaknesses as characters. When the fight finally begins, it hits you like a train! It begins with a few light slaps and escalates into complete mayhem. The over-the-top nature of the fight is actually very humorous at times and suitably brutal at other moments.


It’s the ultimate cat fight and reminiscent of the fight between the Bride and Elle Driver in Kill Bill Vol.2 only it is the main focus of the film. It’s fantastically entertaining and very innovative, with the girls resorting to using everyday household items as weapons of murder. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a toilet lid used as a weapon before! I also liked how the characters were actually quite deep, with each of them clearly having a difficult past, making you care about the fight because of the two-dimensional characters involved in it. The directing is also way above par. The setting is never boring thanks to the inventive camera angles and energetic directing. There’s some great controlled shaky cam moments that really capture the rage of the fight!


2LDK is pure entertainment and is the type of fun film you can watch a lot of times and never get bored. It’s incredibly funny in some places and the ending was near-perfect with some painful irony that actually adds a lovely dark comic edge to finish on. I also loved the irony of how the two women were failed actresses, but their actions in one night are enough to make an incredibly entertaining film. 2LDK should be a cult classic, and loads more people should be seeking it out. It’s innovative and something completely different to what we’re used to. I believe an American remake is on the way, which should hopefully get more people watching this little gem!





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